About Us

My name is Danielle and I founded Bridesy to help women save money on bridal goods and make money selling their gently used items. When I was shopping for my bridal shower dress, my wedding décor and even my wedding gown, I quickly realized there wasn't one great place to search for items that were gently used. I love resale and thrifting. I knew this was a perfect time to buy some used items because they would only be worn or used once. That's when my sister, Renee, and I started brainstorming and we came up with Bridesy. We hope to save brides money and help them make some of the cash back from the big day We all know how expensive a wedding can be. We're here to help cut some costs and make it easy to shop! 

Danielle Grossman, CEO and Founder: DanielleGrossman@Yahoo.com

Renee Weaver, Chief Technology Officer/Marketing: ReneeGrossman@gmail.com

Aukse Joiner, Chief Legal Officer: Aukse.joiner@gmail.com