Bridesy User Handbook

How to use Shop Bridesy Online

  • Create an account to sell your products:
      1. Go to
      2. Click Login/Register at the top right of the screen
      3. If you do not already have an account, click register.
      4. Fill out the register form. Red asterisks* are required.
      5. Agree to terms and conditions → Click Register
      6. The page will automatically close and open the “Login Page”
      7. Please login with new Username and Password
      8. You have created an account congrats!
  • Setting up your seller portal: 
      1. Please read terms and conditions*
      2. Please read privacy policy*
      3. Add payment details under the payment details tab.
      4. Add items for sale under the products tab.
      5. Check your orders periodically under the orders tab.
      6. Keep your profile updated.
      7. Contact us with any questions.
  • Setting up your Payment details in the Shop Bridesy Seller Portal:
      1.  For saving your payment method go to "Payment Details" menu.
      2.  Simply select the payment method from dropdown, enter details and "Save".
      3. Currently you must have a connected PayPal account to receive payment.
      4. Sellers must enter PayPal email correctly or funds will not be transferred. 
      5. Once a seller's account reaches $10+ in product, you will receive payment into your PayPal account of choice if all products have shipped. 
  • Adding Products:
      1. Click the products tab. 
      2. For adding a single product click on "+Add product" button add new product form will open you can fill product details and click "save".
      3. For adding multiple products: Click on "+Add product CSV" button so "Product CSV import" pop up will opened. For getting a valid .csv file click on "sample CSV template", we will provide you a general shopify product csv template.
      4. Here note that we are allowed 30 product's photos at a time so make sure to enter 30 or less details in the file otherwise your file will not be accepted.
      5. After selecting your file click on "Import" button
      6. Once import process completed we will provide you short summary regarding success or fail products
      7. If any product fails to import then we will provide you with a reason for this.
      8. Products added from csv are saved with "Imported Pending Review" status and such products are not visible for admin.
      9. Reason for this is if by mistake any product added with wrong detail then the vendor can correct it before admin approval.
      10. After your first edit and save imported product, it is visible to the admin for approval.
      11. Multiple product delete: checked checkbox of multiple products then click on "Preview selected & delete" button.
      12. You can edit or delete a single product by clicking on buttons available in the "Action" column.
      13. You can see the approved product look in the live store by clicking on the eye icon available in the view column of the approved product row.
  • Support Tab:
      1. Have a question or concern? Please leave us a comment under the support tab. 
  • Every product has the following status.
      1. Approved: If the product is approved by the admin.
      2. Pending: If the product is waiting for approval.
      3. Pending Edited: If the product is edited by the vendor and waiting for approval.
      4. Declined: If product is denied by admin.

    Frequently asked questions: 

    1. How do I change my password? If logged in navigate to your seller portal home page. This is the first tab on the left. Click “ Change Password” On the bottom left of the screen. Type in your old password then your new one. Confirm new password. Click change. 
    2. When do I get paid? If your item has been shipped, received and no refund has been requested a payment will be sent 2 Business days or earlier once the shipment is received. 
    3. How do I get paid? Update your seller's profile payment details. Input an active and correct PayPal account email address. Your payment will be sent 7-10 Business days after the sale depending on when the item was shipped. 
    4. Help Desk Chat: Need help? Ask our chat bot for help!